Skills Exchange for Education Providers


Sign-up to the Skills Exchange and add training offerings

Sign-up to create a profile and create offerings for businesses to view, access a variety of Indonesian businesses and view all the requests for training they seek to fill skill shortages.


Search training requests from Indonesian businesses

Access hundreds of requests from a variety of fields of interest. View what skills and training that businesses require.


Register your interest with a business

Notify a business with interest in the training offering. By providing details of how you can deliver the training required, a businesses can review your initial interest for the request.


Negotiate with the business

Begin discussions and contract negotiation with a business about delivering the training. 


Deliver training to trainees

The provider will deliver the training to the business employees; teaching new skills to close the skills gaps in the organisation.


Report training has been completed

Notify Katalis of the successful delivery of training. By reporting, Katalis can continue to improve access to skills training and contribute towards economic growth between Indonesia and Australia.