What is the Skills Exchange?

The Indonesia-Australia Skills Exchange is a platform that aims to support and encourage Indonesian businesses to connect with Australian education providers to address their skills needs, allowing greater skills development within the Indonesian workforce.

About the Skills Exchange

What you can do on the Indonesia-Australia Skills Exchange

On this platform, we connect Australian education providers with Indonesian businesses which require employee training. If you are a member of an Indonesian business, you can view available courses, Australian providers, and post specific training requests tailored to the needs of your company. If you are an Australian education provider, you can view businesses along with their requests for training, post course offerings, and contact businesses in need of your services.

Training made accessible to you

Decide on the type of training that meets your needs; whether it is a specific skill or a variety of skillsets. Select an offering based on how the training is structured.

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Building on the relationship between Indonesia and Australia

The Indonesia-Australia Skills Exchange is established and maintained by the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement Economic Cooperation Program (IA-CEPA ECP) Katalis. Katalis is a unique, five-year (2020-25) government-backed business development program unlocking the vast potential of economic partnership between Australia and Indonesia. Katalis complements existing Australian development program activities with a commercially oriented, bilateral approach, placing Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) at the centre of everything we do.

About Katalis